Raquel Welch And That Famous Strap-On! (Photo NSFW)

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Raquel Welch has been having a wonderful Film Society of Lincoln Center tribute series consisting of highlights from her saucy and diverse career.

The other night, they showed The Three Musketeers -- the catfight between Raquel and Faye Dunaway is absolutely priceless -- and before the film, I got to catch up with our star, who always gives me a rise and a half.

"I heard that last night, at the Myra Breckenridge showing, you talked about dildos," I moaned. "And I missed it!"

"I did not say that word," she replied, twinkling.

"Sex devices?"

"I didn't say that, either!" she balked.

Well, anyway, what was the story about whatever you want to call it -- when Myra (Raquel) anally rapes Rusty?

"I went to the studio," she related, "and said, 'I'm not strapping on anything!'"

My own favorite catchphrase!

Anyway, in the scene, it's reportedly a gun belt with a six-shooter that Raquel dons for the act.

And already we'd established a tone for the evening.

During the onstage Q&A, host Dick Cavett claimed that Raquel mentions fellatio in her latest book.

"I do not!" she protested.

Replied Cavett: "You wrote about how parents were shocked ..."

Filled in Raquel: "... to find that their 13-year-olds are giving blowjobs. I didn't call it fellatio," she added, grinning.

Oh, semantics, semantics.

You say dildos, I say fellatio ...

In any case, I adore Raquel and love her even more after hearing her say that her inspiration for her Three Musketeers performance was Stan Laurel!

She always surprises.


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