Sherry Vine's Favorite Variety Shows Of All Time

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Drag star Sherry Vine -- the Elizabeth Taylor of downtown and the Gaga-spoofing YouTube queen -- is hosting a variety show for Here TV called She's Living for This.

Well, I'm living for Sherry's favorite variety shows of all-time, and she generously obliged me with them since we both love a high-concept theme Q&A.

Here they are, in Sherry's words. It's a variety show in itself!

3) Donny & Marie

"I know, I know, soooo wholesome. But they were so cute together. They didn't have the glitz or the same comedy [as choices 1 and 2], but they sang the best medleys! When the whole family was on, it was a screen full of teeth!"

2) Sonny & Cher

"A very close second. What I loved about The Sonny & Cher Show (and later The Cher Show) were the costumes, the self-deprecating humor, and the silly characters. Bob Mackie! Cher gave full fantasy glamour and was also funny. Go to YouTube and watch the clip with Cher, Tina Turner, Bette Midler, and Elton John -- out of control!"

1) Carol Burnett

"Without a doubt, my absolute favorite, and the one show that had the biggest influence on me growing up! I loved Carol's physical approach to comedy. She would do anything for a laugh! There were songs, parodies, sketches, guests, and Bob Mackie!"

Donny and Marie

Sonny and Cher

Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman

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.....Guess my showing but VARIETY Show means to me.....Ed Sullivan and Hollywood Palace.....

.....Donny and Marie was a musical show.....and Carol Burnett was a comedy show.......

....Now for the real question........What would a variety show like??........... mind......what's left of it......................boggles...............................


Carol Burnett wearing the curtain rod! LOL!


love cherry! hardest working "girl" in show bizz!°


Agreed--and I'd throw Flip Wilson in there too.