Sissy Spacek's First Movie Was A Slaughterhouse Shocker! Photos NSFW

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Centuries before The Help, aeons before Coal Miner's Daughter, and even before Carrie, there was Prime Cut, a 1972 Michael Ritchie-directed genre film in which Lee Marvin is a mob enforcer who comes to shake up a slaughterhouse owner (Gene Hackman) who turns his enemies into bratwurst and sells girls for sex slaves.

Sissy Spacek is one of the girls, and she's very game, extremely naked, and quite pretty as she enters her bedraggled outcast phase.

Sissy manages to make her presence known despite lots of slaughterhouse footage, a woman named Clarabelle (as in the cow), a county fair with "full bodied" milk winning the top prize, Hitchcockian chases through fields with crop dusters ...

And an attempted murder by hot dog!

Ritchie is great at finding the dark underbelly of Americana, as witnessed by this scene between Spacek and a Bogeyesque Lee Marvin.

Spacek: I never knew a man before; not even to talk to.

Marvin: Well, where did they keep you?

Spacek: In the orphanage with the other girls.

Marvin: And where was that?

Spacek: It was in Missouri. It's the only home I really remember. It was in the country.

Marvin: Then you have nobody?

Spacek: Just Violet.

Marvin: Who?

Spacek: Violet, the other girl that was with me. She's my sister ... well, not truly, but we're closer than that. Violet and me, we'd climb into each other's bed when it was really cold in the wintertime and hug each other really close. Sometimes we'd touch each other and dream how a man's hands would feel on us. I'd talk to her in a really deep voice and I'd say, "I love you, Violet." Then I'd kiss her so she wouldn't cry. We tried to run away once. But the old woman caught us. She said we couldn't leave that we were being raised up special. But that when we were done there would be lots of handsome men loving us forever.

How very delightfully lesbianic! I guess the gals were just waiting for a giant hot dog.

Thanks to Kenyon Phillips for showing me this meaty gem.

Sissy Spacek and Janit Baldwin in Prime Cut. Photo: Kenyon Phillips



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