Washington Heights Restaurant Hits The Heights

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My trip to the high reaches of Washington Heights began with a really tip-top dinner at Le Chéile NYC, a relatively new Irish eatery at 839 West 181st Street.

Co-owner Dave Hollander invited me and a friend for scrumptious salads, steak, caramelized brussels sprouts, "mushy peas" (exactly what they sound like), and bananas Foster.

Every bite was a sensation, and the whole experience, in fact, was a revelation.

The two-floor hangout boasts great food, large portions, friendly service, good prices, Irish posters, and a piano.

You don't get any of that below a certain dividing line in Manhattan.

It was well worth the nosebleed and the scary train ride home!


Pianist extraordinaire Jim Allen (from Marie's Crisis) plays Mondays. He recently hurt himself but will be back on the ivories soon. Get well, Jim!

Co-owner Dave Hollander of Arlene's Grocery fame. A fun guy in any neighborhood.

Dave's daughter Lola. She rocks the Heights.

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