The Day The Pope Said "S**t"!

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At last night's very special screening of Nanni Moretti's We Have a Pope -- with Michel Piccoli as a cardinal who's voted pope and isn't sure he wants the job -- Moretti told us about the taxing shooting hours that put the cast and crew through both the agony and the ecstasy.

He said they'd shoot from 7 p.m. till 6 in the morning, and then he'd want to keep going, to get some close-ups of Piccoli.

Well, after this strenuous routine was carried out a few times, the famed French actor exploded like a pope at the end of his rope.

"This is enough!" he shouted, letting loose.

"I want to leave this place because cinema is a shit job and I want to return to reality!"

Onlookers must have been startled to see a man in holy garb yelling "shit"!

But the true verdict on his behavior came the next day, when Moretti called his 14-year-old son to tell him about Piccoli's fit of pique.

Replied the kid:

"Wonderful Piccoli!"

The whole thing redefines "holy shit."

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The real popes have done so much worse than say shit.  Throughout history.  Evil drag queens in all that "finery."  How in the world people think these charlatans are "almost god" is a horror.  No wonder they felt it was ok to allow and cover up child molestation like it was a perk of being a church wonk.


As for the actual Pope, he's in a televised reality program called The Meeting of the Dictators.



Technically, he said "Merde!"


I love Michel Piccoli. I will check this out.