Imaginary "Troll" Sings "Bali Hai" In Icelandic While Wearing Bjork's Swan Dress!

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You remember the famed swan dress that Björk wore at the Oscars, which caused so much furor and chatter it was like the original Angelina's leg.

Well, singer/comic/actor Lea DeLaria is wearing a facsimile of it in a new play called Out of Iceland.

I ran into Lea the other day and she told me, "I play Thor, a figment of the imagination of one of the characters."

(The press release describes Thor as "Iceland's flamboyant troll.")

"I'm a man -- or a woman," Lea added.

"Indeterminate gender?" I asked.

"Yes," she responded. "That's a joke in the script.

"The play is very Beetlejuice meets Bugs Bunny.

"Anyway, they go from a cabin to a volcano in Iceland, and I come out in a swan dress and sing 'Bali Hai' in Icelandic. I've been rehearsing it for two weeks."

Hmm. This sounds way more fun than Out of Africa.

Luscious Lea DeLaria

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