Bravo's New Real Estate Star Has a Gay Porn Past!

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UPDATE: Bravo tells me Eklund has been addressing his porn days in interviews and it will come up in the very first episode of the show. Bravo, Bravo!
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tomorrow night, Bravo launches its spinoff called Million Dollar Listing New York, starring handsome real estate agent Frederik Eklund.

But one thing missing from the press releases and bios is that Eklund was once known as gay porn star Tag Erikkson.

In a 2007 interview with Brandon Voss for HX magazine, Eklund/Erikkson was much more casual about it.

He remembered, "When I got the offer, I decided to take a break from everything, do something a little crazy, and see where it led me.

"And the craziest thing I could think of was to go do porn movies in L.A."

Eklund said he's not ashamed of his porn work--which you might recall from films like The Hole--and why should he be?

So why have his porn credentials suddenly fallen into a hole?

I'd be more willng to buy a co-op from a real estate agent if I knew he won a GayVN award!

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