French Smash Comedy Hits NYC!

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The Rendez-Vous With French Cinema series at Lincoln Center kicked off last night with a gala showing of the French smash The Intouchables, with François Cluzet as a disabled rich aesthete who bonds against all odds with his boisterous, lowbrow, lovable Senegalese caretaker (César winner Omar Sy).

It's a highly enjoyable buddy picture that screams out to be remade with the younger versions of De Niro and Eddie Murphy.

(If you have any idea of who those actors might be, please notify Harvey Weinstein -- or just tell me and I'll pass it along.)

Weinstein presented the film last night, fresh off his awards triumph with another little French movie called The Artist.

Cracked a French film representative to the crowd, "Now we know how to get an American award. Just be silent."

But a fellow reporter was not so quiet when she told me that Uggie the dog was starting to look a little peaked toward the end of the campaign trail.

"He's old!" she related.

"In dog years, he's older than Christopher Plummer!"

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Great choices, Dave.

By the way, Omar Sy beat Jean Dujardin for the Cesar award (the French Oscar). Jean didn't get his own country's Oscar!

Southern Dave
Southern Dave

Jon Hamm and Anthony Mackie.

Both are movie star material, both can act and both need just the right roles to elevate their careers to the next level.


François Cluzet is a well known actor in France, mostly television. Omar Sy is part of a comedy duo w/ a white guy called Service après vente ( customer service) that's on every night before the news! He's funny, he even has a signature laugh like Eddie Murphy.


Nothing comes readily to mind where American English-speaking commercial adaptation of a brilliant French film has really worked.  With respects to my host, I'd suggest falling in love with the original and not be disappointed with the trite studiosis versions which come and go flop.