Here I Am At The Ultimate Upscale Pigout

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Michael Musto with Dinner Guests.jpg

It was called "Sunday Supper at Chelsea Market benefiting the James Beard Foundation and Fulton Youth of the Future culinary scholarship programs."

It had us sitting at the longest table in food history -- at the Chelsea Market -- and sampling five appetizers, followed by lobster ravioli, which led to three fish dishes, four entrées, and four desserts.

And that was all after a cocktail hour with sushi and a "green table"!

I gamely went along with all this, feeling it's my duty to support the scholarship winners.

The culinary winners of the evening:

Gabe Thompson's endive salad with anchovy citronette and pecorino, Harper McClure's duck sausage choucroute, and Yigit Pura's "tout sweet patisserie."


Chef Larry Finn, Morimoto, plating Pork Sliders w. Ginger.jpg
Chef Larry Finn (Morimoto), plating pork sliders with ginger

Sunday Supper Concourse.jpg
An overview of the LONG table at which we sat and pigged out. And it went all the way into the next room too. Eat your heart out, Citizen Kane.

Spiced Tofu and Cashews w. Eggplant and Oven-dried Pineapple (Yang Huang and Brian Ray, Buddakan).jpg
Spiced tofu and cashews, etc., courtesy of Buddakan

Nicky Rodriguez with Susan Ungaro.jpg
Nicky Rodriguez with Susan Ungaro

Top chef Yigit Pura

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