Julianna Margulies On Her Oral Sex Scene

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The Good Wife got some good head at one point, and star Julianna Margulies isn't afraid to tell the April issue of More about it.

Says Julianna:

"The first thing that went through my mind is, 'Oh dear God, how are we going to film this?'

"Then, 'Oh God, my father's going to watch the show.'

"But I love it. Michelle King (Good Wife's co-creator) is so prim and proper to look at, and she's one of the raunchiest -- the strong Alicia voice, that's Michelle saying, 'Enough of this bullshit. Alicia needs to have oral sex performed on her.'

"I truly believe she's instigating a sexual revolt for network television. I think it's brave, and I love to try things people haven't tried before."


Next stop -- fisting?

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