Kiddie Porn And Suicide Hit The Florida Theater Scene

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This is a tragic, tawdry little story.

Stephen David Jerome was a lawyer-turned-performer who was all set to star as Max Bialystock in the Pembroke Pines Theatre production of The Producers.

He was tremendously excited, but something got in the way of his bliss.

See, the cops had come to Jerome's house with a search warrant, demanding to confiscate the videos he had of seven-year-old boys and girls being used for sex by grown-up men.

The next day, Jerome bonded out of jail (where Max Bialystock ends up at the end of the show) and leapt from a balcony on the eighth floor of his office building.

He broke a leg. He broke everything. He died.

His obsession with kiddie porn, apparently, was long-running.

His career in theater was not.

The next night, The Producers opened, with the actor who'd been double-cast in the role.

He must have felt a little macabre about getting his star break this way.

To quote a song title from the show, "You Never Say Good Luck on Opening Night."

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