Male Escorts Get Extra Kinky In A Money Crunch

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Me and Best Fetish Escort Spencer Reed. My look: Christian Freedom. Photo: Wilson Models

My newest column is a dizzying look at the world of hustlers and the way they're trying to stay afloat as disposable income stays under as tight a watch as my privates.

At the Hookie Awards, one of the top porn stars told me he's now doing violent films. He even showed me the bruise he got from shooting it!

A Best Daddy nominee told me he's famous for his red pubes -- and he even showed them to me with pride!

(Everyone was showing me things all night. I was in genital heaven.)

As he told me, "Red hair is as much a fetish as piss." The things you learn!

And the Best Cock winner showed it all to the crowd, while naming his pet noodle "my baloney pony."

"My baloney pony has a first name," he added poignantly, "and it's Uncut!"

And it's still paying the rent!

Anyway, read this column quickly.

I'm charging by the minute.

Photo: HeyMrJason

Photo: Dick Mitchell

HeyMrJason Photography
Someone saw this shot and said, "You never put your bag down." I replied, "In a roomful of hookers, lol?"

The talented Emily McNamara interviewing me for Time Out. Photo: HeyMrJason

Me and Robin Byrd at the Hookies. Photo: HeyMrJason

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Book London Escorts
Book London Escorts

 Now a days there is a huge demand of male escort. Most of people want to sex with the man porn stars. I watch some man porn movies, they fuck violently in that movie.

Escorte de Lux
Escorte de Lux

 Great info. Thank you to have published that article on your website.

Savannah Montgomery
Savannah Montgomery

P.S. - I think Robin has a Dorian Gray thing going on...she looks great!

Savannah Montgomery
Savannah Montgomery

Although I've never booked one, I've met/known a few...some are the "yeah, it's know I'm a it" types.  The GOOD ones (don't judge a book by the cover) know how to set the stage and let you "conquer" them.


"Baloney pony" is my new favorite thing. Some of the hookers turn out to be pretty clever after all.


Great photos. Great column.


Yeah, they can make your money disappear!