Olivier: "Vivien Was A Nympho!"

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Frank Langella. Photo: broadwayworld.com

The full quote is:

"You know, she was a nymphomaniac. And I'm a premature ejaculator. Not a good match-up."

Yikes. It sounds even worse than the typical movie-star pairing.

Laurence Olivier said that quote to Frank Langella when they worked on Dracula, as recounted in Langella's colorfully riveting book, Dropped Names: Famous Men and Women as I Knew Them.

Each chapter recounts Langella's experiences with an icon he knew, from Jackie Kennedy to Yul Brynner to Bette Davis and way beyond.

There's just so much juice in these pages.

*Elsa Lanchester showing Langella a secluded part of her pool and saying, "That is the area in which Charles [late hubby Laughton] would have taken you, suggested you swim in the nude, and then seduced you. ... He was homosexual, you know."

*Deborah Kerr dancing with Langella to "Shall We Dance" at a party, spinning and laughing before her eyes welled with tears and she shouted, "Six fucking nominations and I never won!"

*Langella asking Dominick Dunne, toward the end of the author's life, if he was gay. "I'm nothing now," Dunne responded, blankly. "I've been celibate for 20 years. It just got too difficult for me to deal with." "What did?" wondered Langella. "Hiding it. Wanting it," responded Dunne, looking pained.

*Yvonne De Carlo urging Langella to have sex with her. "Come on, just give it up," she cooed. "Close your eyes and think of someone else, I don't give a shit." Yvonne ended up performing the act and looking happy, Scotch in hand. And then she gave Langella an encore -- a private version of "I'm Still Here."

Anyway, that's all I'm giving you here.

You must buy this book.

It's extraordinary shit -- one of the best celeb memoirs in years, full of honesty, color, and actorly insight.

And he dated Liz Taylor!

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