Rush Limbaugh Loses More Than 30 Advertisers Over "Slut" Remark

Categories: Politics

Rush Limbaugh famously used his syndicated radio show to call Georgetown U student Sandra Fluke, who's in favor of Obama's birth control policy, a "slut" and a "prostitute."

Rush apologized, but the advertisers aren't buying it and they're dropping like discontented little corporate flies.

J.C. Penney, Capital One, and others have gone by the wayside, as--guess who?--Sarah Palin declares this hypocritical and a violation of First Amendment rights.

(Um, Sarah, you can say whatever you want on the radio, but this being a business, consequences are perfectly natural and allowable.)

But here's a much more crushing blow to Rush:

Peter Gabriel wants the right-wing prig to stop using his song "Sledgehammer" on his show.

I guess you can be a sledgehammer, but you don't have to play one.

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