Schnipper's Is Fab In Two Locations

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Schnipper's Quality Kitchen offers perfectly delighful American fare at fairly reasonable prices.

I love the one on 41st and Eighth because it's a sensible place to stop before Broadway shows for a lovely burger (even better with blue cheese) and sweet potato fries.

They used to give you a device that buzzes when the food is ready, but I guess that was a little too suggestive.

Now they give you a number on a stand, and when your order's done, someone brings it right to your face.

Talk about service!

And you might even see a Broadway star or two, waiting with their own numbers!

The new branch, on 23rd and Madison, has all the same stuff. (Did I mention that the menu has things like shakes? And Schnipper's sauce?)

The only diff is that the 23rd Street burgers are cheaper, but maybe they're smaller. Find out for yourself; I'll explode if I have to try them out at both venues.

So there are now two Quality Kitchens to choose from in Manhattan.

That's sexy news!

Totally Schnippalicious.

I feel my imaginary device buzzing already.

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O shit, I just looked at this restaurant's online menu. This restaurant's menu lists the price of their milkshakes at 6 and 7 dollars.I think that is expensive.I'm reminded of the diner scene in Pulp Fiction where John Travolta's character is astonished a milkshake costs bucks.


I want to be on Shnippers List.


shake shack still uses the buzzer to tell you when your order is ready- very smart.but i found shake shack to be overrated in terms of quality.

Phil Davis
Phil Davis

They also are known for their Sloppy Joes, with which they beat Bobbly Flay in a show down.


I'd stay away from the shakes and just have the $5.95 burgers and $3.99 fries.