South Beach Sex Offender Warnings!

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They're the dark side of the "fun in the sun," harsh words that you might happen to run into while touring the hedonistic yet self-righteously responsible mecca known as Miami's South Beach.

The above sign was posted in a park right across from my luxury hotel when I whizzed by this weekend.

And it warns that "a sexual offender or a sexual predator convicted of a sexual offense"--that's three "sexuals" in a row-- can't "knowingly be present in a County or municipal park when a child under the age of 16 is present" (but I guess they can un knowingly be present).

But there's a proviso:

All of that threatening talk holds, unless "the sexual offender or sexual predator is the parent or legal guardian of a child present in the park."

You hear that, pervs?

Don't go to a park unless you're with your own kid!

Oh, and leash and clean up after your dog!

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It is important to note that the term "sex offender" according to this ordnance only deals with those involved in lewd and lascivious conduct with a child, sexual battery, sexual performance by a child, and selling or buying minors for sexually explicit conduct.  It does not include less severe/quasi sex crimes.Also, restricting a sex offender from a park looks great on paper because when you think of a sex offender, you think of a homeless bum who follows you around like a zombie with its hands outstretched looking to grab some little kid.  In reality, anyone can be a sex offender.  I don't think I know one person that would not be considered a sex offender at some point in their life.  Things my friends have done include:Public exposure:  cruising washington avenue standing out the sunroof topless (female)Child Molestation:  19 year old with 16 year old girlfriendStatuatory Rape:  18 year old almost having sex in the back of a car in a park at night with 17 year old girlfriend (that was me, got caught by the police, told us to leave)Online solicitation of a minor:  asking a bunch of girls in a public online chat room to send naked pictures (this could also be attempted production of child pornography)

I'm not convinced that any of the above should be classified as a "sex offender".  When I think sex offender, I think of rapists and true child molestors.  These are the sex offenders that are banned from the park.  And even then, some "sex offenders" who should have had lighter charges end up with harsher charges because the prosecutor had a bad day.  A friend of mine was a prosecutor and would brag about this (he is a self proclaimed a%^hole).

The justice system is a little broken and most laws are passed because people are ignorant and politicians take advantage of this ignorance to remain in office.

Besides, can anyone tell me why sex offenders are not allowed in a park but ARE allowed in a shopping mall?  The amount of children getting lost in a mall, or the amount of young teenagers going to the mall alone or with a small group of friends FAR exceeds that of a park.  Actually the last few parks I've been to were completely empty except for one couple letting their dog crap on the pathway.

The bottom line is that any restrictions placed on a sex offender is just words.  If someone (anyone, not just sex offenders) wants to do something, they will do it.

Personally, I am more concerned about violent criminals and not some overweight dork who sexted some minor in a chat room.


PS: Here's an article that describes how the term "sex offender" has become too broad, lumping in real horrors with teen girls who sent a nude photo of themselves to their teen boyfriends.


PS: Here's an article that explains why the term "sex offender" has become too broad, lumping true horrors with a teen girlfriend who sent a naked photo of herself to her teen boyfriend.


Oh my! I'm speechless!