South Beach Sex Offender Warnings!

Categories: Advice

They're the dark side of the "fun in the sun," harsh words that you might happen to run into while touring the hedonistic yet self-righteously responsible mecca known as Miami's South Beach.

The above sign was posted in a park right across from my luxury hotel when I whizzed by this weekend.

And it warns that "a sexual offender or a sexual predator convicted of a sexual offense"--that's three "sexuals" in a row-- can't "knowingly be present in a County or municipal park when a child under the age of 16 is present" (but I guess they can un knowingly be present).

But there's a proviso:

All of that threatening talk holds, unless "the sexual offender or sexual predator is the parent or legal guardian of a child present in the park."

You hear that, pervs?

Don't go to a park unless you're with your own kid!

Oh, and leash and clean up after your dog!

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