The Most Habit Forming Nuns In Screen History

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Meryl Streep in Doubt. A scary lady with some hard habits to break. Oscar nomination.

I won't be reading the comments on this one because I don't want to see all the cries of "You forgot about ..."

I forgot nothing. I know everything.

These are my faves.

Deal with it or go to hell.

Celeste Holm and Loretta Young in Come to the Stable, a charming movie about French nuns in New England. On the set, Young made people put money in a jar if they used the name of the Lord in vain. Thus came her nickname: Attila the Nun.

Deborah Kerr in Black Narcissus, a haunting, beautifully filmed Powell/Pressburger classic about nuns Himalayan each other.

Audrey Hepburn in The Nun's Story, set in the Belgian Congo. Has there ever been a chic-er devotee of God?

Audrey was chic, but in Buñuel's Viridiana, Silvia Pinal was downright sexy. Hail Mary!

Sound of Music Nuns Marni Nixon Second from left.jpg
If you don't know what movie this is from, don't ever talk to me.

Jennifer Jones saw the virgin in The Song of Bernadette, and the Academy believed her, lisp and all. So did I.

When Mother Superior Roz Russell is in charge, Hayley Mills listens. The fun comedy The Trouble With Angels -- co-starring Gypsy Rose Lee!

When nuns make money, they get a follow-up: Where Angels Go ... Trouble Follows.

The Singing Nun. And singing and singing. And talking. Pure shmaltz on a shingle, but Debbie Reynolds is always a pro.

Geraldine Page, Sandy Dennis, and Glenda Jackson in Nasty Habits. I.e., Method Acting Comes to the Nunnery. (Actually, it was a satire of Watergate. Not funny at all, but fascinatingly cast.)

The Magdalene Sisters. Harrowing stuff about girls made to endure absolute nunsense.

I just remembered Sister Act. Heavenly comedy.

And I couldn't possibly leave out Mary Tyler Moore calling "God!" instead of "Rob!" in Change of Habit.

Eric Idle and Robbie Coltrane in Nuns on the Run. Hey, they fooled ME.

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