De Niro Met Apatow at the Tribeca Film Fest Last Night

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Actually they'd had dinner together the night before that, but I wasn't invited, so I can only report on the exchanges they had on yesterday's panel celebrating Universal's 100th year, moderated by's Mike Fleming.

Among the highlights:

*Judd Apatow told Robert De Niro that the Oscar-winning icon is a warm, nice person and wondered why he's so good at playing tough guys and murderers. Replied De Niro: "That's for me and my psychotherapist."

*De Niro said he's going to do a sequel to the 1988 action comedy Midnight Run, and this time, he'll be helping the son of Charles Grodin's character. He's also doing another Scorsese film, and said it has only been scheduling that has prevented them from reuniting since 1995.

*Fleming mentioned that Katherine Heigl once publicly noted how she feels Apatow is weak on creating women's roles, though Fleming added that he did end up producing Bridesmaids. In response, Apatow adopted a comic, slow voice and said, "So maybe she was wrong!"

*And asked who his acting idols are, De Niro said, "Clift, Brando, Kim Stanley, and Garbo."

I love that he included two women on that list, especially those two women.

I felt like he's talkin' to me!


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Deniro never really reveals much but he's so damned charming about it!


I was there and Apatow said he didn't produce Bridesmaids because he was itching to do a womens movie but because he wanted to work with Kristin Wig.


"So maybe Heigl was wrong!" Or more likely Apatow heeded her criticism and improved. Either way, it's good.