I Discussed The Dark Side Of Beauty With Jane Velez-Mitchell Last Night

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I was a guest on last night's Jane Velez-Mitchell on HLN, discussing Samantha Brick, the woman who wrote an editorial about how being so beautiful and alluring has ruined her friendships with bitterly jealous and resentful female friends.

I should have such problems.

Actually, I started the segment by cracking, "I've been plagued with this same problem! It has tortured me. Everywhere I go, people are jealous. I walk into a room and they're running out because they can't deal with my beauty. And I don't know who to trust anymore."

Once over the laugh, we talked about Ms. Brick -- who actually doesn't look as stunning as she thinks she is -- and I conceded that Marilyn Monroe described similar resentments, women eyeing her suspiciously whenever she was in the vicinity of their man. I said, "Maybe they should just get a diferent man."

And as for putting this woman in a larger picture, I said, "This all started with that Kelly LeBrock 'Don't hate me because I'm beautiful' commercial in the '80s. The whole world hated her for saying that!"

Flash-forward to Angelina doing that leg thing, which seemed to say, "Look at me, world, I'm fabulous." "But her leg looked about 10 ounces," I said. "The Olsen twins took a bite of it and it was the real Hunger Games."

Yes, I went into that shtick!

Finally, Velez-Mitchell said, "Vulnerability is very sexy," and I replied, "If that were true, I wouldn't be so alone!"

A fun segment. A real beaut.

I even suggested that maybe Brick looks better in person than in her photos -- "like Anne Ramsey. She was a knockout."

Ah, the fun!

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The real beauties, as was pointed out on Jane's show, are healthily insecure and vulnerable about their looks. Only the medium looking folks go around thinking they're supermodels.


yes. The article featured in the Daily Mail is a knee slapping riot.That article only confirms my belief it is the AVERAGE looking and below average looking people who strut around convinced SEX was named after them.The good looking people I've met and know tend to have a lower opinion of their looks.


Thanks for referencing the great Anne Ramsay! Yay!


I saw it! You were hilarious but the other guy kept laughing too much, sometimes covering up what other people were saying. What was he on?