Drag Opera Diva Should Be On Broadway

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We already have color-blind casting on Broadway.

Well, how about gender-blind casting?

Over at the gay club xl on Tuesdays, Gary Hall -- who normally is the drag star Shequida -- plays Jessye Normous, a gigantic opera singer who needs to eat every 15 minutes and who bitches that "this is Hell's Kitchen, but there's no food!"

Still, Jessye wails up a storm -- Gary is a fabulously trained opera singer -- doing various arias, plus a Broadway medley consisting of "Summertime," "Defying Gravity," and "All That Jazz" (which ends, expectedly, with "all that jizz").

So why not put Gary/Sheqqy/Jessye in Chicago as Mary Sunshine?

Or in Sister Act as Deloris?

Or in Porgy and Bess as Bess in three years, when Audra steps down?

Or in Memphis, Superstar, or Evita for Chrissake?

Judge for yourself, oh skeptics.

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Just made a believer out of me!  That is some real, major singing talent going on there.  This territory's been covered before, with varying effect.  But Gary has the humor, the talent and--really, what a voice!  I've got to track this diva down!

Southern Dave
Southern Dave

Or better yet, put her in that fabulous new musical, co-starring Varla Jean Merman:

"Malcumma X Meets Madame X"!

You'd have to beat off the crowds -- uh, so to speak.


he needs to do a serious show and cut out the comedy. he´s got talent and the credentials. his vocals have gotten a lot better.good luck.


Shaq is hilarious and can sing!  Brava!