Sopranos Star: I Was An Addict, A Klepto, And A Maniac!

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Joe Pantoliano--whose affectionate nickname is "Joey Pants"--won an Emmy for his performance as Ralph Cifaretto on The Sopranos, among dozens of other credits he has amassed.

But his life hasn't been all trophies and roses.

Joe has written a memoir, Asylum, in which he details his battle with "brain dis-ease."

Says he: "I became an alcoholic, an addict, a compulsive shopper, a kleptomaniac, and a maniac."

And a bragger, too, lol!

Joe sagely describes his Seven Deadly Symptoms:

"(1) Food (either overeating or starving myself)

(2) Vanity (status symbols, popularity, hanging with the cool kids)

(3) Shopping and shoplifting (either compulsively spending or getting 'the five finger discount' to feel better)

(4) Success (seeking fame and admiration to avoid nihilistic thoughts, to end my soul sickness)

(5) Sex (or masturbation, other ways to distract from dark thoughts)

(6) Alcohol (to remind me to be on, to wind down, and of course, to have more sex)

(7) Prescription drugs (to numb pain, avoid the calories of white wine spritzers, to help me enjoy success, and to make myself too tired to worry about losing what I now had)."

A shocking and enlightening tale of a celebrity dealing with clinical depression.

Read this book. (And don't shoplift it.)

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Ken McCabe
Ken McCabe

Ahhhhhh Joey,You have done more for people than many people that i know. Also you have faced up to your biggest challenge in life and took control of it. I am not saying that is not a lifelong challenge however you have addressed a problem and acted upon it. Your CPHS pals and many more people that know you personally and publically have a great admiration for you and what you have done in your lifetime. No one is without fault . Stay the course and thank your loving family and  the maker for helping you through all of this. May G-d bless you and continue to guide you my friend..


Not surprised, seeing as how he's got an onscreen scary-psycho presence like nobody else. Plus he's a good enough performer to imbue it with humor and pathos. Hope he manages to get rid of his real-life demons while cultivating his skills even further.

Savannah Montgomery
Savannah Montgomery don't count till you're smoking hot and going to Riker's for bustin' in a place (for real) for drugs...saying so don't make it so.


who isn´t or wasn´t these days? boring. next.


Five of those 7 deadly symptoms apply to me. I'm scared.


But was he a pirate, a pauper, a pawn, and a king?


 ha I was thinking the same thing reading this list....