Rachel Dratch on Her Red Vibrator, "The Withdrawal Method," And Her Beautiful Baby

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David Shankbone/Wikipedia

The woman who shot to fame as SNL's depressing Debbie Downer tells me everything in my new humdinger of a column, and it's only moderately depressing, with a happy ending.

The diminutive funny lady talks about her odd career in comedy, which hit a giant roadbump when she was written out of a big role in a hit show (though she just landed a new one, mercifully enough).

About her dating horror stories that resulted in tears, anger, and the feeling that she'd been written out of a giant rom-com, especially when a guy who loved horse meat left her high and dry -- and via a text yet!

About the stereotypical "bull dyke" roles she was constantly asked to play in crappy comedies.

And about the unexpected life change that brought her fulfillment and joy ... and a new book!

It's so not Debbie Downer.

And along the way, she remembers the incident where she hid her vibrator from Nate Berkus and ...

Oh, see for yourself.

Enjoy, bubbies.

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