I Met The Real "Raging Bull" And Other Offbeat Icons!

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Jake LaMotta told me what he thought of the movie Raging Bull.
Yes, I came face to face with legendary boxer Jake LaMotta and he didn't punch me out!

This was at Kevin Clement's Chiller Theatre--held this past weekend at the Parsippany Hilton--which had scores of my icons meeting, greeting, and turning on the star juice.

In the new column, I give you some of the saucy tidbits I got from these stars (it's below the fab Kathleen Turner interview).

And here are the incisive photos by Angelo Pitillo proving it's all true.

Cathy 2.jpg
Cathy Moriarty shot to fame in "Raging Bull." Love huh!

Michael C.jpg
Michael Constantine, from Room 222, told me about a Stephen King movie he did. In the flick, he even performed a scene opposite King himself, who played a "jerk."

Luciana 3.jpg
Yes, it's her! A famed sexpot from the sizzling '60s.

Luciana 2.jpg
Luciana was in "Return To Peyton Place," so I asked her what it was like to work with three-time Oscar nominee Eleanor Parker. "She was tough," she said eyes flaring, "but I learned a lot from her."

Luciana 1.jpg
I can't get enough of someone this deliciously esoteric.

Mike d'Abo was the lead singer of Manfred Mann, wrote "Build Me Up Buttercup," was King Herod on the original concept album of "Jesus Christ Superstar," and fathered actress Olivia d'Abo, who was at the table next to him. Mike's my kind of legend! And he told me he plays cricket on Tim Rice's team!

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