Great Logo for New Drag Musical Coming to Broadway!

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Based on a movie, of course!

It's the musical of Kinky Boots, the 2005 feel-good film about Lola, the drag queen who helps reinvent footwear for men of all genders.

The musical version--opening first in Chicago--sounds a little bit like Priscilla meets La Cage with a little bit of Sister Act thrown in.

But look at the credits!

Book by Harvey Fierstein, who wrote La Cage, and who could very well win his fifth Tony for Newsies this June.

Score by eternal pixie and super talent Cyndi Lauper, who wants to have fun and be a musical comedy composer.

Directed and choreographed by Tony winner Jerry Mitchell (who did Legally Blonde and choreographed, yep, La Cage two revivals ago).

And I'm pretty sure it's starring Billy Porter, who I last caught being fierce in the Angels in America revival.

Anyway, I love the logo--in fact, I love anything that uses legs to spell letters.

So could this Boots be meant for walking into your memory book?

Or will you wait for a musical to come around that isn't based on a movie?

I feel that....Hey, wait a minute!

I just remembered that Jerry Mitchell choreographed the Cyndi Lauper all-drag video for Cyndi's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" re-do.

And I was in it!

Looking like Harvey Fierstein!

This is kismet. If not Kismet.

PS: Here's another leggy logo.

And one more.

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I'm intrigued.! However, I am a bit skeptical because I was all excited about the creative team of the Spiderman musical. I'll stay tuned. 


Harvey's book for "Newsies" kinda sucks, but like Audra McDonald all he needs to do is fart to win a Tony. I'm looking forward to Cyndi Lauper's music, though, and Jerry Mitchell's choreography. 


Boots will it be kinky?


Could any show sound more by-the-numbers than this, despite the talent involved? But yeah, good logo.


Thanks to broadwayworld for the tip.