The 10 Biggest Box Office Movies Of All Time

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If you look that up, you'll generally find a list that includes a bunch of recent films, both animated and comic bookish, and all very large and loud.

But took the time to adjust all the domestic grosses for inflation, so this list that they posted is way more accurate.

And suddenly the top 10 of all time only includes ONE film from the 1980s and just ONE from the '90s, and not a single one after that!

Newsflash: More people went to the movies in the old days.

The durable top 10 are:

10--Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

9--The Exorcist

8--Doctor Zhivago


6--The Ten Commandments


4--E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

3--The Sound of Music

2--Star Wars

1--Gone With The Wind

That's a healthy amount of romance, along with three watery dramas (I'm including the Red Sea parting), some music, sci-fi, horror, animation, and split pea soup. (Hey, make that four watery dramas.)

But nothing recent at all! Even Avatar is only number 14! Scary!

Make better movies, Hollywood, and maybe people will actually see them in a theater.

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Interesting; of course the HUGE problem with this is that its Domestic-only; I'm not sure if there is reliable data for global admissions/grosses if you go back very far.  But if you look at their "All Time Worldwide" list, its the usual suspects: Avatar, Titanic, Harry Potter, Avengers, Transformers, LOTR, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc etc.

I totaled up the number of entries in the Top 200 Domestic by decade, and its quite revealing:

1930s - 2  $384M1940s - 7  $345M1950s - 12  $596M1960s - 21  $1.6B1970s - 29  $3.8B1980s - 29  $5.4B1990s - 35  $8.4B2000s - 63  $18.9B

But this doesn't even include subsequent home video sales.  And thus do the salaries of A-list actors spiral ever-upward... 


Funny how Rocky is one notch below The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I didn't really find that many of my favorites on that list.  Like Midnight Cowboy, one of my all-time favorites isn't on there at all, unless I missed it. 


But what about Judy?  What about the wizard? The Wizard of Oz!


I used to despair when I saw that list, but with Avatar supposedly getting top-rank status, and all the other cyborg movies lining up after, I'll settle for the old list. And I'll watch them all over again just to make sure they stay on top, I promise!


Good for Walt Disney for getting in there! Someone defrost him and tell him.


I'm amazed that for all the hoopla about Transformers and Avatar, they're not even in the all time top 10. Amazing.


if there were a top 15 grossing movies of all time, Oz would be in it. It was a hit but not a blockbuster when it first opened (MGM made back most of their $$$ on the reissues of the picture).