The Ten Most Fashionable Asian-Americans In NYC

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I've met them all and narrowed it down to these 10 amazing A.A. specimens:

NIKI AND SHAOKAO CHENG (with offspring accessories). They own eight BoConcept stores in NYC, featuring the finest in Danish-born furniture. Plus they throw great parties and were savvy enough to feature me in a popular commercial. These two are the tops in functional geometric chic.

JASON WU, the Taiwan-born designer who's done everything from RuPaul dolls to Michelle Obama. A real visionary and groundbreaker.

LING TAN, the first supermodel from Southeast Asia, and a total goddess. She's helped change the face of modeling with her uniquely arresting structure. Photo: David Shankbone/Wikipedia

VIVIENNE TAM, a China-born designer and mainstay of the NYC fashion world. Vivi vidi vici.

JEREMY LIN, the first American of Chinese or Taiwanese descent to play in the NBA. People have been obsessing on this guy. Yes, athletes can occasionally be fashionable--even to me.

ALINA CHO, a CNN correspondent who's smart and savvy. She was born in America to parents from Seoul.

The legend, YOKO ONO. An artist, feminist, musician, and philanthropist. She's the real deal--and she writes terrific tweets.

Shanghai-born designer SALLY WU has worked with Lagerfeld, Anne Klein, etc. She's tied into the Shanghai fashion world and is hugely influenced by architectural design in her fashion work.

DAVID CHANG, the Korean-American chef/owner of the Momofuku restaurants. Because fashionable people have to eat, after all.

Thanks to Sam Bolton for help with research.

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