Dallas Is Back With The Same People! What Next?

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The oil-drilling prime-time soap Dallas has been resurrected by TNT, which is using some of the original cast members--like Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, and Linda Gray--to reprise their iconic roles.

And I think it's great!

After all, no one complained when Yul Brynner did The King and I one more time, or Carol Channing trotted out another Hello, Dolly!.

It was considered familiar, comfy, and fun--and in this case, the actors are playing the same roles, but with different material.

But who else is still around from the old days and available to reprise their old TV characters?

There are so many great possibilities lurking for the cable channels to pounce on!

I'd love to see Joan Collins and Linda Evans do another Dynasty--their enmity would really be convincing by now.

I'd adore the chance to see Mary Tyler Moore and Valerie Harper recreate the old MTM show--but in a way that actually remembers it was a comedy, unlike their awful, dreary reunion TV movie some years back.

And how about Betty White going back to Rose Nylund, telling long stories about her relationships with the other three Golden Girls--to herself?

Well, maybe that one wouldn't really fly too high.

Give me some other ideas, people.

We could make a fortune with this!

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Steers and Queers
Steers and Queers

Is was either doing this show, or down on their luck Hagmen, Duffy, and Gray were ready to do donkey shows in Tijuana.


A return to FALCON CREST with the last two seasons having been Emma (Margaret Ladd)'s hallucinations in a mental sanitarium. Maggie Gioberti (Susan Sullivan) lives! With Special Guest Star James Marsden as Rod Cumson, Lance and Melissa's long-lost son.


My Mother The Car. But you'd need a new car.


Bring back Knots Landing and Falcon Crest!!!


That show was so great the first couple of years, but this new generation looks awful in the previews.