GOProud Is A Bunch Of Jewish Nazis

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GoProud's exec director Jimmy LaSalvia
Ever since the conservative gay group GOProud backed Mitt Romney for President last week--albeit by a very slim margin--the epithets and insults have been hurling at them like taunts at a gay kid.

But this time, the outrage is justified.

I always thought that any gay who backs a candidate that doesn't support equal rights must have some very scary death wish.

It's self-defeating and downright creepy!

And though they've rationalized that gay marriage is just one issue, and the economy is a more important one, I'd have to say (A) Romney has no better answer to our economic woes except for general pronouncements and promises; (B) Whether we're in a good economy or not, I'd rather have my rights, thank you.

So, here's to you and your bizarre contradictions, GoProud.

You're like Jewish Nazis!

Black Klan members!

Women who campaign for Rush Limbaugh!

Mexican Republicans!

Roaches who moonlight as exterminators!

Blech, go away.

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Mr. Musto should note that GOProud and LCR are among the loudest voices on the right in FAVOR of gay marriage.   No, we aren't going away.Who are the real "Uncle Toms"?  Look no further than to every white male who describes himself as a "Liberal."  The Liberal Left has determined that white males are the cause of every ill that has beset humanity from the beginning of recorded history.  White Liberal males ACCEPT that and grovel and say "yes'm, yes'm."  Their act of penance is to emasculate themselves and submit themselves to the judgement of the politically-correct Left.Many on the right do excoriate us as evil and godless.   The difference is that we do NOT accept that assessment.  We venture into the very belly of the beast.  Instead of hurling 7th-grade insults at us, you should wish us Godspeed. Meanwhile, you on the Left are placated by nice-sounding words from your leaders every few years.  President Obama is now in favor of gay marriage?  The Democratic Party has included it in its platform?  All well and good, but what are they going to tell the black community, which takes a dim view of gay rights (for a number of reasons, which I will not outline here)?Your side will split the baby:  Your leaders will tell gays: "We're on your side"; from the other side of their mouths they'll tell the black community: "Don't worry - gay marriage is a dead letter."Jack BlairInfo-QuarterHoboken