Yesterday Was "Michael Musto Appreciation Day"! Photos By Andrew Werner!

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Borough President Stringer sings my praises
I am not making this up!

Borough President Scott M. Stringer honored me and three others at a Pride celebration last night at Onegin restaurant, and while doing so, he gave me an honest-to-God plaque saying June 11 is Michael Musto Appreciation Day in Manhattam!

I felt like running into the street and demanding that everyone walk backwards through traffic.

But instead, I stayed and gave a lovely speech, saying "This is the bar mitzvah I never got," adding "It was just Judy Garland's birthday, but who cares? It's Michael Musto Appreciation Day!"

I also said that, like Shirley MacLaine when she won the Oscar, "I deserve this."

And I thanked the Voice for letting me run wild and free, and also applauded the community for being so incredibly fruitful to write about. "Keep these coming," I concluded, humbly.

By the way, my fellow honorees were Brice Peyre, NY Deputy Chief of Staff; Lynn Schulman, Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund & Leadership Institute; and Earl Plante, social and economic justice activist.

Got that? Now run backwards through traffic!

Oh, here's part of the letter from Mr. Stringer that got me there, followed by more fab photos.




The buffet was something to be proud of.

Me with Christian Freedom, who styled my blue suit and rainbow tie.

Me with Andrew Werner, who documented the evening with his proud lens.

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