Lindsay Lohan Shooting Film With Porn Actor James Deen

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Liz & Dick.jpg
No, it's not a porno, but the lovely Lindsay will be naked in it.

Playing Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace didn't work out for Linz, but playing violet-eyed Liz Taylor did, and now, in The Canyons, she'll be full-frontaling it up as part of the ensemble showing the steamy underbelly of L.A. living.


Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho) has written the indie film, which stars porn star James Deen (photo below) as a manipulator who loves setting up three-ways and filming them.

As for Lindsay's performance?

"She nailed it," tweeted Ellis, showing rare enthusiasm in between decrying American values.

And I bet Deen nailed her.


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