Michael Kors Made Liz Taylor Cry--And Other Fascinating Stories

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Last night, mega designer Michael Kors spilled some fully baked beans to fashion biggie Fern Mallis at the 92nd Street Y.

Christian Freedom was at the event and jotted down every terribly chic word:

The highlights:

*Kors was a child actor and model who still has his SAG card.

*When he was five, he helped his mom redesign her dress for her second marriage.

*He regrets the color theme he choose for his bar mitzah: mustard and brown.

*His bohemian aunt took him to see Bette Midler when he was 11 yrs old.

*He skipped his high school prom to go to Studio 54 in diaper pants and a Panama hat.

*He dropped out of FIT since he got tired of arguing with the teachers and he wanted to work in fashion and go to discos.

*He ran a store on 57th Street called Lothair's. It was there he noticed that Jackie O wore old hose under her boots and Rudy Nureyev flirted with him by leaving the dressing room curtain open.

*His first portfolio was themed "the Christopher Street woman" an all-leather collection. (No jokes, people.)

*He made Liz Taylor cry when, after interviewing her for a magazine, he showed her an old photo of her with Richard Burton kissing on the set of Cleopatra.

*He'd like either Daniel Craig (if it's a drama) or Will Farrell (if it's a comedy) to play him in a movie of his life.

*His wedding to his longtime partner and collaborator Lance Lapere last summer was a low key affair. He wore shorts, no shoes, then they had pizza and went to see The Help.

*He was afraid at first that Project Runway was going to be like Survivor, with designers eating the fabric.

*And to young designers, he says:

"Fashion is hard work. Know who your customer is. Do what you do and do it well. Fashion is not for sissies!!"

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Daniel Craig as him in his biography?... Hunny pulleaze, first you gotta take care of that flab!


Homophobic epithets? Can you elaborate? I don't watch the show.


Also: * He's prone to blurt out homophobic epithets on Project Runway because...well, no one knows why and it's really annoying. And * He hasn't had original idea since "Christopher Street Woman," and many of the apprentice designers on Project Runway could design Thing Kors under the table with their eyes clothes and shears tied behind their backs.


Good thing he didn't take Nuryev up on it.


Noi, fashion is not for sissies. It's for the Christopher Street woman.