Porn Star's Woes Revealed: Meth Binges, Psych Wards, And HIV

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Gay porn star Erik Rhodes--who died in his sleep last week--battled a variety of problems, all of them exacerbated by the fact that he was a smart, deeply feeling person with full-throttle awareness of himself and his oppressions.

According to Jacob Bernstein's piece in today's New York Times,
Erik had rage issues and fought with people, the cops called to the scene more than once.

He was derided for taking steroids, but he was basically doing what it took to become the larger-than-life figure the industry required of him.

He had depressions and drug binges, ended up in psych wards, and tested positive for HIV.

And though he became a fashion plaything when he became friends with designer Marc Jacobs, the romance with fabulousness was relatively short-lived.

I'm quoted in the piece saying, "The gay porn audience often looks to a hulking macho fantasy, and Erik provided that.

"He was Thor, the Hulk, and the rest of the Avengers cast wrapped in a gay package.

"And the fashion connection and the fact that he had a brain elevated him from your everyday escort-slash-porn-god and gave him texture."

What didn't make the article was the time I ran a picture of Rhodes (real name James Naughtin) from the Hookie Awards, and it got him in trouble with his probation officer because Rhodes happened to be holding a beer in the photo.

Rhodes was mad about that--and my big mouth in general--but we had a lovely chat at the Park last year and I realized that there was a real sweetie under the Hulk.

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