Women That I Find Really Sexy, I Swear

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Don't let this get out because it could ruin my career!

There are some women that I happen to find terribly sexy, even now in Gay Pride month.

But these dames needn't worry about me--I'll just admire them from afar, as well as in this glorious photo tribute.

Nelly Furtado has always come off like a spicy little maneater. Seems like she'd be lots of fun in private.

The eternally hot Pam Grier is on every list I have ever concocted. She's an Afro-dysiac for all seasons--and what a personality!

Even when terrorizing poor Snow White, Charlize Theron is sex personified. Maybe even in Monster. Well, maybe not in Monster.

One of the few reality stars I'd even touch, Countess LuAnn is a real housewife who's real sexy. And she's got money and down-to-the-gut class. Photo: David Shankbone/Wikipedia

Promoter/provocateur Ladyfag. And it's not just the name. She poses like a true boss lady. Hurts so good.

J. Lo is like a life-sized Bratz doll, sculpted into fleshy perfection, and that's sexy to the world--including me.

Freida Pinto is an Indian beauty who'd be fun to smooch. And at times she comes off androgynous enough that I could fool myself into thinking....Nah, I'll stick with Tilda Swinton.

Blake Lively is way more interesting than your everyday starlet. And she dates Ryan Reynolds. Isn't Green Lantern gay? Maybe she'd like me too. Photo: David Shankbone/Wikipedia

Judi Dench is so eternally pretty--and talent is a giant turn-on, after all.

And so is power!!!!

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