The 10 Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating

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Learn them. Heed them. And don't do them yourself!

These are according to Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario, a marriage coach who's very faithful about giving advice:

1. Sudden changes in schedule or chronically canceling plans

For example, you and your mate routinely have dinner every Thursday night at your favorite restaurant, but lately your partner has been canceling and coming up with a number of different excuses.

2. Starts fights and makes accusatory statements more often

This also might include suddenly accusing you of cheating. This could be a guilty conscience at play. A quick anger trigger, getting easily exasperated, and "picking fights" more frequently are other classic clues something is amiss, as these actions create distance for freedom to come and go as they please. It also provides a backdrop for an actual breakup to gain permanent freedom from the relationship.

3. Being emotionally withdrawn

It's never a good sign when it takes effort to make even basic conversation with your mate, and also when your partner no longer asks for more in-depth details about things going on in your life--career, family, friends, hobbies and otherwise. This broad-sweeping disinterest can speak volumes.

4. Constant texting or using other virtual modalities

You notice your mate is constantly on, or checking, the phone or computer, at all hours of the day and night. You may also have discovered your mate has joined new social networks without telling you.

5. Being secretive with the phone

Every time the phone rings your companion goes to another room to take the call. Or you notice the immediate deleting of emails and text messages and keeping the phone face down at all times.

6. Changing passcodes

Your mate frequently changes telephone, email, and social networking site login information.

7. Constantly working late

Your mate is constantly coming home late and blames it on their work schedule--even when it is not the busy season. The same would hold true for a higher volume of business trips.

8. Changes in sexual patterns and/or alertness

You and your mate used to have sex 3 to 4 times per week but lately, your partner seems disinterested and now you have sex only once a week or less. Or, your mate asks you to try new positions or "toys," even knowing you may not be comfortable with it.

9. Immediate shower upon arriving home, especially when it was not routine before

Upon returning home, your mate immediately runs to the shower before greeting you in an effort to wash away any evidence.

10. Changing underwear

You notice your mate has been wearing new and sexier under garments. Or, you find your mate's under garments in the garbage.

I can add one more:

You notice they're wearing someone else's under garments.

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I had to learn the hard way, because I was not aware of what was really happening.  Mywife Catherine Jacques kept telling of all the projects at the university, so I never suspected that she was not going there every evening and coming home at the late hours.  But she would rush to have a shower the moment she got home.  It puzzled me and, I would ask her why are you showering this late?    She would reply because it was too warm and she was sweaty.  It took me seven years to find out that my spouse was a private hooker.  Here was I working all hours to get my kids through university and my wife was cheating on me.


When I finally had enought of her excuses and left.  She came to my appartment and wanted me to resolve our differences.  But, she went on tell me of the 33 customers that she had had over seven years.  She pointed out that the Metis Catholic priest told her it was not infidelty because I was NOT a French-Canadian, so the marriage was not really valid. But she came up with a solution,  one that I could never accept.  That I could cheat on her with 33 other women, and she would not object.  I told her that any chance of my return was over the moment she began her infidelity.  She began to cry and say that I was an evilheartless man.  So I told her to leave because our marraiage was over and good.




really? i would say, currently, john travolta seems to be the best example. it's so hip. so now. tiger is so yesterday! growl! what about sandra bullock`s ex?


OK African Americans, listen up. I'm telling you as a whole. Whatever it was that the genius wanted you to hear. Heard me? You sure? Fine. Now he can shut the fuck up.


The idea that no famous person of color should ever be used as an example of negative behavior is patently absurd, unless that's the only way they're used. Funny, I just read a blog here saying Beasts of the Southern Wild is one of the two best movies of the year. And I read lots of positive stuff about Obama, who's used as a positive example. But to try to suppress and censor equal reporting is lunatic, especially when Tiger is obviously the best high-profile example of cheating that there is.


Tiger was epic, though. Unless he was merely cuddling with all those women his golfing talents take a distant second to his sex drive. It's difficult to think of an equivalent, recent, public person of such profligacy. It's not as though the gossip columns avoid Travolta or Spitzer or Edwards because they're white, after all.  


 tell that to african-americans as a whole!


 check it out! "what the dark-skinned offender looked like". quote of the century.


Tiger got grief from media because he couldn't keep his dick in his pants. As another example, Obama doesn't get the same kind of grief - but Bill Clinton does. It's the keeping the dick in pants that's the issue, not the skin color. And to think that of these two mixed-race dark-skinned guys, it's Obama who identified as black, not Tiger. America's got a lot to answer for its treatment of people of color, but at certain moments raising it as an issue only makes it a distraction and cheapens its value. This is just such a moment.