I Will Be On Broadway With Judy Garland!

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It was inevitable, people.

I'm going to be gracing a Broadway stage and I'll be positioned right next to Judy Garland herself in the form of Tracie Bennett, who won a Tony nomination for portraying the legend in Peter Quilter's End of the Rainbow.

On both July 31st and August 7, I will conduct a talkback after the performance, grilling Tracie while taking us to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, as we dig into the creative process that makes a rising star out of a playing a legendary fallen one.

The result will be educational, moving, inspiring, hilarious, and my chance to get a lifetime Tony award since I already did a talkback with Liev Schreiber after a performance of Talk Radio.

I'm due!

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I am def coming because I'm desperate to see this show and this gives me the impetus.


Well, according to your review and others, she definitely has the sound/physical tics of Judy, but in the photo she looks like a brunette Rue McClanahan.


This sounds extremely major. Musto and Judy. I might have to come twice.