It's A Vacation Week For Mikey Musto!

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This week, I won't be smoking, drinking, wrong-way driving, or ordering large sodas.

I won't be working either!

I'm taking a vacation week, and I implore you all to be as responsible as I am, even without me watching over you with my incredible conscience as your guide.

One thing I will do is post the new column here this Wednesday, and it's a doozy--one of my crazed rants in which I decry the rotting values of our culture while you empathize and call for security.

Just knowing what delicious torture I'll be causing will make my vacation even more bizarrely enjoyable for me.

No, scratch that.

I just landed an interview with a two-time Oscar nominee who will tell me about his aspirations and neuroses.

Let him sound off.


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Mr Musto - how good to see you while on your vacation as we passed on Commercial Street in Provincetown MA.


And you won't be eating MEAT while on vacation, will you?


There's a captivating great read in Linda Hirshman's "Victory" you'd love.  I'm almost finished.  Exhilirating, it is a first-rate American LGBT? history that enriches us all.  Your platform is such I thought it worthy to bring it to you and your audience's attention in this good week for a break.


Not sure how Lily could have been out when she herself said she didn't come out because no one asked her. (A lame excuse.) She later admitted a magazine HAD asked her, but she declined. What a mess. Oh, well, love her talent anyway.


True. I remember long interviews in the 80s where it just didn't come up. She and Jane were a creative partnership and you were supposed to figure out the rest yourself. Lily admitted later on that Newsweek had offered her the cover if she came out, but she didn't want to be the poster girl for that. And now we're  supposed to celebrate her for being an out icon?


Have a great rest, Mikey! You deserve it.

musto moderator

In non-Dark Knight-related news:


The Jackson's mother isn't missing, she's resting in Arizona, on doctor's orders.


The Muppets say they decline to do any partnerships with Chick Fil-A considering how chicken they are about gay rights.


Tripp Palin calls Aunt Willow a “faggot” on a reality show.


Justin Bieber says he’s anti abortion, and when asked about cases of pregnancy via rape, replies, “I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason."


A doc about activist Vito Russo reportedly has someone saying that Lily Tomlin (who was close to Vito and who narrated The Celluloid Closet) was out in the ‘70s. Really? That’s not how I remember it. She was maybe “glass closet” at best. In the ‘90s, I ran an interview with Armistead Maupin, who talked about the absurdity of having a closeted person like her narrate the film of The Celluloid Closet. I said all this on camera. My comments were not used.