Janis Joplin's Story Is Finally Coming To The Screen

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Hard-bluesing, hard-boozin' wailer Janis Joplin's story has long seemed like a natural for the big screen, but any realization of that has always sputtered out like an empty bottle of Southern Comfort.

Bette Midler did some kind of riff on it in 1979's The Rose, but it was very loosely based.

And since then, there was talk of Janis movies with Pink, Brittany Murphy, Lili Taylor, Renee Zellweger, and just about everyone except Ernie Borgnine, but none of them managed to hitch a Mercedes Benz across the street, let alone to Hollywood.

But now they're finally going to do it, with Tony winner Nina Arianda (Venus In Fur) in the part.

Great choice! She's got the quirks, the sexuality, the wit, and the lustiness.

I saw Nina at a movie premiere party last night, where she looked gorgeous in cascading blonde hair and a black gown, like a real movie star. (This woman could become our new Monica Vitti.)

I congratulated her on nabbing the role and asked her if she'll be doing her own vocals.

"That's what they're telling me," Arianda said, smiling. "We'll have to see."

You mean the girl is not only a firecracker actress, but she can sing too?

Why didn't they call her when they looking for someone to do Funny Girl????


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Rock and roll is an attitude and she doesn't have it inherently. Not a criticism of her or her abilities; it's just the way it is.


Not sure how you can say that when we haven't heard her sing rock and roll--or sing at all?


 And the fights with Chuck Negron of 3 Dog Night, two heroin addicts fighting over who had the most soul in their vocals!!!

Lady Lucia
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 I agree that she is definitely not rock & roll enough.

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Put together Pink's voice, Lili Taylor's acting skills, Brittany Murphy's death (and maybe Renee Zellweger's too) and you might have a close enough approximation of what Joplin had been. But no cigar, as they used to say.


Well, if she can't sing the songs, they can always hire Porsche to dub her vocals.


They'd better include the Jimi Hendrix stuff and the bisexual stuff.