LCD Soundsystem Pulls The Plug On Itself

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Last night, I saw Shut Up And Play The Hits, a new doc in which we see LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy talking to a reporter about the group's dissolution in between filmed songs from their final concert.

And why the breakup?

Did someone cheat? Was a band member afraid that Scientology would harm their daughter?


It was something about Murphy wanting to have more time to make coffee.

To live his life.

To not have to go on tour and age some more. (Once, he found that he'd suddenly developed a gray patch of hair on his face, which made him wonder, "What's happening to my liver? And my intestines?")

Murphy is the guy who famously did a Kanye at an awards event I was MCing, prompting me to tell him off and shoo him off the stage in a wildly comical way.

He responded by inserting the line, "Eat it, Michael Musto. You're no Bruce Vilanch" into the LCD song "Pow Pow."

So when I saw him all eaten up in self-doubt at a critical scene in the film, bursting into 41-year-old tears, I had to say:


No, I'm serious.

It was kinda sad.

But as with Katie Holmes, people are rooting for him.

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Saw the flick and it was dullsville. For diehard fans only.


Wow. I love this group. So sad to hear this. I'm going to give this flick a once over.


The latest on Katie Holmes is how she outwitted her hubby by getting her folks in on the action and coordinating with a number of lawyers via a "disposable" mobile no. Creepy methods for creepy enemies, but I kinda feel sorry for Cruise. He's the Dubya Bush in this game - the pawn being played by warring sides too smart to let him make his move, and who'll be blamed by both sides for any mess that happens when it's over.... On the other hand, I'm over being sorry for Tommy boy (my quickest change of heart ever). But Katie's still quite creepy.