Pick Your Favorite Celebrity Sibling

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I'll list some currently alive siblings (or semi-siblings) and I'll highlight my favorite of each bunch by putting them in boldface.

You tell me your own personal faves in these same groupings.

Break the rules and you're no sister of mine.

Toni Braxton....Her sisters

Joey Luft.....Lorna Luft, Liza Minnelli

Elijah Blue.....Chaz Bono

Billy Baldwin.....The other ones

Nick Jonas.....The other ones

Taylor Hanson.....The other ones

Kim Kardashian.....The other ones

Janet Jackson.....Ditto

Owen Wilson....Luke Wilson

Donny Osmond.....Marie Osmond

Charlie Sheen.....Emilio Estevez

Joan Collins.....Jackie Collins

Dakota Fanning..... Elle Fanning (a tie)

Joan Fontaine.....Olivia de Havilland

Jessica Simpson.....Ashlee Simpson

Donny Wahlberg.....Mark Wahlberg

Matt Dillon.....Kevin Dillon

Liev Schreiber....Pablo Schreiber

Hayley Duff....Hilary Duff (Neither! Blech! Don't make me waste boldface!)

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Patty Duke and Patty Duke in "The Patty Duke Show"  (''...but they're cousins....")

musto moderator

I left out the Olsen twins! Um...I guess I'd go with Ashley.


I don't have a preference for most of these people, but I agree with SavannahM that Janet is the best Jackson.

Ibi0 -   I like Olivia the best too. And once she did that survey at the end of Vanity Fair and she said she liked to read science fiction and so do I, so I now I'm on her side. (Hope she wasn't lying or joking.)


Janet...loved her since the sit-com "Good Times" where she 'd do a Cher imitation and she was wha? 10-12 yrs old?...and she seems to be the least needy person in her family.


I must be the only one who likes Ashlee better than Jessica and Olivia De H better than Joan Fontaine, but I agree with the other ones (except Joey Luft. Love Lorna!!!)


 Guess Janet is mean - slapping Paris and calling her a bitch.  So I'm unliking Janet.


 @latenitebump Yes, maybe she is spoiled and obnoxious - she's a teen after all. I admit I'm only guessing what goes on chez Jackson. Paris seems very smart - calling up Oprah to stop by for an interview - putting the family's business in the street - I think she'll go far.



you know! paris is, probably, a spoiled bitch! the king, probably, spoiled all of those kids to death. you, probably, can´t tell them nothing.