Sherman Hemsley Was A Gay! Deal With It!

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Nobody sputtered more comically than Sherman Hemsley, the enjoyably oafish and scheming George Jefferson from the classic sitcom The Jeffersons.

I was sad to hear that he died last week.

I was also horrified to hear him referred to over and over as "a lifelong bachelor."

What is this, Merv Griffin all over again?

Um, he was gay.

Is that so horrible to come out and say?

Nope, not at all.

A friend of mine even notes that he knew hustlers that tricked with Sherman!

Yes, he paid for it!

Love it!

I guess it was only his character who was cheap.

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abrownsgal 2 Like

i find it disgusting that people feel the need to out everyone...  its none of anyone's business unless they want to make it public.  and who cares?  we want to keep government out of our bedrooms... i think it should apply to everyone...


 @abrownsgal  I absolutely agree with you.  The author of this piece is oafish and disgusting and engages in a form of discrimination by sensationalizing the private (sexual) life of a deceased man.  The piece makes no pretenses about its aim, but through snarky, salacious innuendo and smutty rumor-as-expose, pretends to show by example that it is no big deal that Sherman Hemsley MAY have been homosexual (Hemsley never made any public statements about his sexuality--as was HIS prerogative) .  The true aim here is clear: to disrespect  an honorable man  (the man's public and professional conduct are spotless) and dishonor the sparkling career of a great entertainer and actor.  What was achieved here is also clear: another setback for the constant fight of homosexuals to be regarded as nothing less than human beings in spite of whom they choose to love and be intimate with.


 @PlatosScribe  @abrownsgal It seems you just discovered the Michael is a gossip columnist. If you don't like gossip then go somewhere else. I'm sure the National Rifle Association has a nice website you'd enjoy. 

Michael, keep up the good work! These haters need a hobby!


STFU, Phiilip.  You would agree because you're the type that indulges in this trash.  Even gossip has it's standards.  Michael wasn't even attempting gossip here.  He was trying to make a point about what he perceives to be the secrecy surrounding the sexuality of Mr. Hemsley.  Only he had no information to expose aside from some vague, highly questionable hearsay from a "friend" concerning Mr. Hemsley's  sexual activities.  It was in poor taste. 

deestin1972 2 Like

Maybe people are not blabbing about it cause he was a private person in life and didn't care for telling the world all about his personal life? I know in today's times that seems odd, but you have to take into account the age of the the person and the times they came from. This may have nothing to do with any shame of anything, just people from a different time not into spreading their legs to the world? It's a very novel idea I know.. but bear with me.

Cassidy 1 Like

Gays are weird.  Glad Sherman kept it classy -- or at least in the closet, at home.  =)

euphkub79 2 Like

 @Cassidy Because GOD FORBID he be able to live openly and make YOUR IGNORANT ASS uncomfortable.  NOT.


 @euphkub79  @Cassidy  OR: God forbid, Hemsley's version of "open" was not yours or Michael Musto's.  Maybe Hemsley CHOSE to exercise his right to a private life by maintaining its separateness from his professional and public life.  Maybe he just wanted to be known as a good actor.  Has that crossed your mind? NOT.


sorry! to hear about sherman hemsley´s passing. always will be memorable as the character george jefferson on the hit tv series the jeffersons. a far cry from the usual format of impoverished, innercity african-american families/themes. an affluent african-american family living on the upper east side of manhattan. what african-american didn´t love the bold, upfront, in your face, telling off honkies george jefferson?  surprised he served in the united states air force. was born in phillie. also, was in the broadway play purlie also starring melba moore and cleavon little.

i did enjoy him as an actor. i loved the tv show amen. too bad hollywood does not provide more roles for african-americans.

plus, your friend may have heard but i knew people who knew him personally. the thing about the hustlers. cheap again.

i can agree with wiki that mister hemsley was a very shy and private person (who lived in the country side). that´s what i was told back in the 80-ties (by a credible source.)

that´s what you call acting. a far cry from the role of george jefferson.

r.i.p. sherman!

SavannahMontgomery 1 Like

 @latenitebump That reminds me, Purlie, was the B'way show that taught me NEVER be late for the theater.  The #2 showstopper "Walk Him Up" starts the show...I was 10 min late and caught the last chorus...:-(   Never again! Of course, Melba's "I Got Love" I reveled in.

BetteD 1 Like

Well, I don't think I knew at the time (when the show was first aired) but one of the reasons I watched it was because he had an awesome bubble-butt and frequently showed a bulging package.  Right on!

bethesda topcommenter 1 Like

Weezy had to have been a dyke!

Timmee 1 Like

Well, he never got gay-married.

BTW: Good Times was my racist Irish grandmother's favorite sit com. Go figure. Grandma had worked all her life as a cleaning lady, so she particularly identified with Florence.

skyking 3 Like

Florence was not on "Good Times." So in addition to being a racist, your grandmother also couldn't tell one sitcom from the other (and evidently, neither can you.)

Timmee 1 Like

 @skyking Oh, sorry, wasn't she the maid? It was a long time ago and I was just a kid.


Right, I meant The Jeffersons. Duh. I actually do know the difference :)


 @Timmee Florence was the maid on "The Jeffersons", which is the show with Sherman Hemsley. "Good Times" was the one with Jimmie Walker, the tall skinny dude with the catch phrase "Dy-no-mite!". I grew up in the 70's & was a TV bug, so I know most of the shows.

musto moderator editor 2 Like

PS: For clarity's sake, I'm aware that Merv had been married, so he wasn't technically a lifelong bachelor. I'm just referring to the evasiveness when it came to all the obits' refusal to mention his gay life.


 @musto What would be the point of this IF he did have what you call a "gay life"--since a person who happens to be homosexual cannot just have a "life" unless it is circumscribed and modified by "gay".  He is known for his sparkling career in the field of entertainment--and a scandal-free public life.  Perhaps there is no mention of Hemsley's "gay life"--that you would clearly prefer to indulge (for highly questionable purposes)--because he (Hemsley) put considerable effort into maintaining and protecting a novel thing called a private life. 

jackson30 topcommenter 1 Like

Thanks for saying this! Not sure why everyone has evaded.