The Sound of Music Is Coming To TV: I Know Who Should Star

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The Sound of Music is a perfect movie, no matter what Christopher Plummer has been muttering for decades.

It happens to be sweeping, enchanting, funny, adorable, and scary--the perfect mix of puppets, moppets, and Nazis.

And now that it's been announced to come to TV in a whole new version, I want to announce the cast that would surely get the network the most dough (a deer, a female deer...):

Tyler Perry as Madea Von Trapp. (Come on, she'd look hot in a wimple.)

Eddie Murphy as Captain Von Trapp (though I'm not sure if he's OK with kissing drag queens. Anyone know?)

Diana Ross as the Mother Superior. (Don't laugh. She played a nun on Tarzan once.)

And Nicki Minaj as the Baroness. (Well, the character's supposed to be a little bit imperious and shit.)

This cast would surely re-invigorate the material, and make it downright fierce, actually!

Those hills would truly be alive!

But wait a minute. This project is being done by NBC, so they're probably going to want to use their own TV stars in the roles.

OK, how about Christina Aguilera as a nun?

Hello? Hello????


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