Who Should Star In The Broadway Musical Of Magic Mike?

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Jeremy Jordan (Newsies, Bonnie and Clyde). Cheers, big ears.
There was talk of just such a project right before the male-disrobing epic opened, and since it had a boffo (or buff-o?) weekend at the box office, the musical will surely come.

And I know who should star!

It has to be the Broadway types I've pictured for you; these guys have truly got it and know exactly how to spread it around.

It doesn't even matter which roles they play, as long as they're in it.

(And by the way, the concession stand must sell Vacuu-Packs!)

Charlie Williams, winner of the Broadway Beauty Pageant and a real sweetie pie.

Cheyenne Jackson (Xanadu, Finian's Rainbow). His thighs alone should get a Tony.

Corbin Bleu. We've seen him In The Heights. Now let's see him In The Thongs.

Nick Adams (La Cage, Priscilla). For once, he shouldn't wear feathers or sequins--or anything.

Hugh Jackman is playing Houdini on Broadway, so he's perfect for anything with "magic" in the title. He can make all the guys' clothes disappear.

Hunter Parrish was Jesus in "Godspell." But he'll really convert me if he shaves, waxes, pumps, and thrusts.

Ryan Steele ("Specs" in Newsies. He can leave on the glasses, OK?)

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