Woody Harrelson Tells Me: "I Wish My Indies Were Blockbusters"

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David Shankbone/Wikipedia
From Cheers to two Oscar nominations to the Hunger Games franchise, Woody Harrelson has never stopped surprising--especially when you throw in his hemp campaigns, veganism, and other causes.

And now he's going back to the theater!

Check out my column, in which Woody tells me about his latest project, Bullet For Adolf, a semi-autobiographical comedy which he cowrote and directed, dealing with his own younger days in 1980s Houston.

The interview is a rapid-fire comedy unto itself.

Woody tells me about his first Broadway gig and why he had to turn it down; his penchant for worrying; his lack of hair; and the fun he had playing a character who liked "trolling for cock" in that Justin Timberlake movie.

He also said he wished some of his indie movies were blockbusters, but I told him not to worry so much!

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jackson30 topcommenter

He also got his second Oscar nomination two years go, for The Messenger. Should have gotten one last year for "Ramparts" too.


Career on the cooling off??? Right. A part in Hunger Games and in the upcoming sequel. Emmy nomination last week for Best Actor, for HBO's Game Change. And now Broadway play. 


When he said "I forgot I was bald," I spit out my coffee.


I read this interview last night and developed a new liking for him. Seems cool. I might even see the play.