A New "Daddy" For Calvin Klein's Ex-Boy Toy

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Nick Gruber works quickly.

Fresh off his plan to write a tell-all about his time spent with Calvin Klein, the ex porn player has a whole new guy he can one day write a book about:

Reportedly its John Luciano, "a well-connected Hollywood fixture" who happens to be the nephew of famed mobster Lucky Luciano.

But it's Nick who's lucky!

In the attached link, you'll see the twosome coming off a Beverly Hills shopping spree, Nick carrying more bags than most designers have under their eyes.

Among the bags, there's not a single one from a Calvin Klein boutique, and I'm not surprised; Nick already has that stuff.

Anyway, the twosome are seen smooching as the ex Mr. Klein holds onto his pricey merch for dear life.

For some people, acquisitiveness is an aphrodysiac.

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Lets get this straight.  The idiot John Luciano is in no way related to Charlie "Lucky" Luciano. First of all Charlie "Lucky" Luciano's real name was Salvatore Lucania.  He changed his name to Charlie Luciano when he became a mobster.  Second of all this idiot John Luciano cannot be his nephew.  He would have to be his great-nephew is he was anything which is not.   The Lucania family has confirmed that this idiot is not related to any of them.

elgatonyc like.author.displayName 1 Like

He must be attracted to Nick's child-bearing hips. No wonder he needed a new wardrobe.

SouthernDave like.author.displayName 1 Like

With any luck, soon he'll be sleeping with the fishes.

jackson30 topcommenter

Looking at the above photo, I don't know how Nick could have left that gorgeous hunk of a skeleton.



i think, it´s all about the benjamins.

maybe, you´ll want to listen to tina turner´s private dancer.


Those bags don't look new.  In fact they look quite old worn and used (Like Nick).  I am guessing he has left-overs or soiled laundry in the bags.  No one walks around Hollywood with shopping bags anyways (unless you're a tourist).  They walk from the store to the car and dump them in the trunk.  And for those tourists who do walk around with a Hermes bag akin to a status symbol, they keep them in pristine condition.


As Calvin's ancestors would say, "Oy vey"

alexgeana like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 2 Like

Although I'm happy for Nick for finding a new beau, I'm certain this shopping photo-op is staged, It looks like no pap photo of a celeb on a shopping spree I've ever seen and here are some reasons why. 


A) Wrinkled shopping bags. Although we can't really see inside. This isn't a lot of loot. Hermes uses really heavy and high-end paper stock to make their bags. They can take quite a beating, and look fresh for a very long time. The tell tale orange bag looks like it's been used and reused a few times. You have folding on the Barneys bag and the Ralph Lauren bag is equally beaten up - it's the only bag that would look like that after a day of shopping. 


B) The light. It's really bright out. The photographer would have to wait for Nick to get under the shade before he made the photo, Nick wants to be seen, he's walking right into the shot in a place where the light is nice and diffused. They're working together. 


C) Facial expression. It's very casual, almost perfect. Very flattering. This looks like a runway pose, not of someone who's just been surprised by an intrusive sharp shooter. 


D) The neighborhood, the lawn is well kept but not perfect. Although this is a nice part of LA. It's not any shopping district I've seen and a far cry from Rodeo Drive. I don't know a lot of people casually walking to their car, where's the valet? 


E) Awkward kiss - John Luciano doesn't go in close for the kiss, he's presenting his body sideways and it just doesn't feel right. It's not a happy and sensual kiss, the hand is not on the small of Nick's back, it's on the shoulders.  So those are the reasons, the shot is clearly staged. I've never seen a photo this fabricated before.

troofire like.author.displayName 1 Like

Nick's looking borderline FAT. 

jackson30 topcommenter

Utter nausea, darling.


I don't know what to feel right now. Quick, someone tell me.