Alan Cumming And Two Black D**ks?

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While performing with Liza Minnelli in Cherry Grove the other night, The Good Wife's Alan Cumming proved he has a very good husband.

Cumming told the crowd about the time he innocently hung out with pop star Mika and found that paparazzi swarmed the car they were in, obviously up to no good.

Sure enough, one British newspaper ran a photo of them together in the car, with Cumming beaming like a cat that had caught the canary, while Mika seductively licked a lollipop.

Cummming didn't remember smiling at all--he was grimacing at the paparazzi and urging the driver to move on the whole time--nor did he remember there being a lolly!

Anyway, the story ended up on a gossip site, and Cumming's husband was confronted about it by a salacious coworker.

It was a potentially awkward moment, especially when they looked at the comments, one of which said, "Alan is trash! I saw him on his birthday with two black dicks in his mouth!"

But the hubby didn't miss a beat.

Asked about this by the coworker, he replied,

"Oh, no. I was with him on his birthday.

"It was just one black dick."

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