For The Record: Here's What Obama Has Done

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2016: Obama's America is a conservative glimpse at the alleged horror of the Obama Presidency, looking ahead to what shambles America will supposedly be in if he's reelected.

And people are lining up to see it!

The film made over six million last week--practically the same amount as the Joseph Gordon-Levitt bicycling movie, which was on twice as many screens!

Clearly, the film is tapping into the "Obama hasn't done anything good" mentality, which is paving the way for complete lose-oids to step in and muck things up much worse.

But fortunately, a counter-argument is brewing.

Said one commenter on the gay gossip site

"He ended DADT, caught Bin Laden, ended a war, and voiced his support for my marriage. Best. President. Ever."

Offered another:

"He saved this country from a depression, saved the US Auto Industry, got DADT repealed, passed the Lilly Ledbetter fair-pay act, got tens of millions of people covered by health insurance, got rid of pre-existing conditions, and got Bin Laden.

"He got the middle-man banks out of the Student Loan process saving billions, and prevented student loan interest rates from doubling.

"He's overseen a dramatic increase in domestic energy production and a lowering of our dependence on foreign oil, and has raised fuel efficiency standards.

"He's invested in infrastructure projects all acrossed the country (badly needed work, most of it) and in research and development of sustainable fuels.

"He got a Consumer Protection Agency up and running over some of the stiffest opposition ever, and appointed two very good Supreme Court Justices.

"Where the fuck does this 'Obama hasn't done anything crap come from?!?"

I don't know, but let's do our own documentary.


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There's no doubt that Pres O has done some great things, but I'm a bit put off by this author's claims regarding Bin Laden and Supreme Court appointees.  As a guy who has worked "in the field" for counter-terror ops, I have been appalled at the way this Admin has been "spiking the football," esp during the DNC.  We all knew that would cause some backlash...which we are seeing now (nothing to do with a YouTube video that 8 people in the M East have actually seen).  And the appointment of Kagan to the SC was an absolute travesty - never would have happened had our Dem Senators had a shred of integrity left during the confimation process.  She has never, ever, NEVER been a judge at ANY how the hell did she wind up on the highest court in the Land?  BTW - friend just loaned me an ebook (Amazon Prime) written by a college friend of Pres O.  Hell of an interesting read.  "My Friend Barack" if you're at all interested...


Any president could have done those "amazing" things had they been willing to rack up 5.26 TRILLION DOLLARS in ADDITIONAL debt.


hillbillies have nothing better to do except sit around and wait for a hurricane.


Don't worry Americans, Romney will not win, but if they steal the election, Canada has real National Health Care and you are all welcome to it.


The really disturbing thing is that this film has done really well in NYC.


I knew there'd be some anti-Michael Moore types rising to spread the twisted gospel of the right wingers.