Chris Rock Tells Me: "I Used To Be A Bit Of An Asshole!"

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Maybe Chris Rock should have talked to me before he played a Village Voice writer opposite Julie Delpy in Delpy's new film, 2 Days In New York.

But at least he talked to me after the fact for this week's zippy and eye-popping column.

And Chris tells me everything, like who he really based his performance on.

And whether he thinks "ka-ching!" every time he voices another Madagascar.

And how he was a bit of an a-hole in the early '90s, complete with a red Corvette convertible and a Jheri curl.

But he became humbled.

And he learned acting.

And now he's even producing in order to help up-and-comers who might help him when he's down and out.

Smart guy. And so hilariously acerbic.

Chris even tells me why he almost ate a Chick Fil-A recently, but decided not to.

Like I said, smart!

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Used2BMelinda9 1 Like

Great interview, MM. 2 Days in Paris is one of my favorite films and I'm really looking forward to seeing the NY version.


nelson george. explains it all.

i remember early in rock´s career they booed him on showtime at the apolla. halle berry played a better crackhead than he did in new jack city.

say hello to unemployment soon.


 @latenitebump He's in a hit new move, is also in the huge Madagascar franchise, is producing a TV show, and recently did great on Broadway. But you say he's over because of the Apollo 25 years ago and New Jack City 21 years ago. YOU'RE over.


His remarks about being an a-hpole are hilarious, and the Chick Fil-A stuff is pretty amazing too.


Loved the interview. You guys are smokin.