Fox Admits Paul Ryan's A Liar!

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An excellent opinion piece posted on calls Paul Ryan's convention speech last night "dazzling, deceiving, and distracting."

As for the second claim, the author says the oration was "an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a singe political speech."

Well, Romney's speech hasn't happened yet.

The author does concede that Ryan has enormously helped ease unemployment by making media outlets scurry to hire more fact checkers "to sift through the mountain of cow dung that flowed from Ryan's mouth."

And they go into detail as to some of the barnyard crap that spewed last night, and how it was willfully distorted by the Vice Presidential wannabe.

Anyway, between this and their bumping Sarah Palin last night, Fox is earning a few points for sensible behavior.

And by the way, my favorite quote from Ryan's speech is "We will not duck the tough issues."

Um, about those tax forms?

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Oh and if we want to get down to FACTS who out there truly believes the Private Sector is doing "FINE"????????


Fox's post once again proves, unlike the mainstream media, they are in fact "Fair and Balanced" by publishing this "Opinion" on their website.


Now let's get down to som FACTS folks. 


FACT: The Downgrade of our Credit Rating was because Obama spent our nation into oblivion. The Republicans refused to raise the debt limit unless there were attempts to reduce government spending.


FACT:President Obama did say "You didn't build that." It's interesting that rather than praising small business owners and entrepenuers for their sacrfices and contributions he chooses to make this statement. By the way it was the "Tax Dollars" generated by the jobs and income produced by those small business. This money provided the "Government" the revenue needed to perform the task for which "WE" elect them which is to create infrastructure and pass laws which promote a stable economy and health business environemnt. 


I don't have time to continue FACT checking the FACTS provided in this "Opinion" as I have to get to WORK. However, it's obvious since the first two FACTS are not FACTS at all that the author should refrain from calling a man a liar unless he truly is.


All I can say isPaul Ryan nailed it and he certaily ticked off and scared liberals because the number of attacks were certainly "FAST AND FURIOUS"!!


He must have not agreed to give and Fox News bigwigs bj's.


"DUMB" is someone who drives by, says "DUMB," and drives away, thinking that's some kind of witticism. You're DUMB.


His speech, like the man himself, was grotesque. His inverted smile forms the shape of a swastika.



FACT: The S&P Index, which is the organization responsible for the downgrade, stated that the action was specifically because of the GOP delay in approving a budget and political infighting among the GOP led House.

FACT: The "I Built It" tribute song was sung in a stadium built with taxpayer's money, at a Convention that accepted $18 million in taxpayer subsidies.

FACT: CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, NY Times, Huffington Post and Wall Street Journal to name a few, all have similar criticisms of the "facts" put out in Ryan's speech.