Gore Vidal Gave Me Great Clark Gable Dish

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In 2006, I interviewed noted author Gore Vidal--who just died--for Out magazine.

And one of the juiciest things he relayed to me was the reason gay director George Cukor was bumped as director of the petticoats-and-brimstone classic Gone With The Wind.

Cukor had personally told Vidal that Clark Gable had been a hustler in his early days, and Cukor was one of his clients.

And that's why the macho star demanded that Cukor be fired!

I guess he was embarrassed to be face-to-face with his old john again, let alone take orders from him.

(Or maybe he simply felt the director hadn't tipped well enough, lol.)

Another interesting tidbit from my interview had Vidal telling me:

"I'm not a quiet little writer waiting to be recognized, all tremulous.

"I'm most pugnacious."

No kidding.

In fact, Vidal loathed the movie of his transsexual novel Myra Breckenridge--though he admitted to me that he hadn't even seen it.

Once, when Vidal was on a talk show, they showed a clip from it, and he literally got nauseous on live TV.

Maybe he should have had the director fired.

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I love the movie of "Myra."  It's a fun trainwreck.

Stevart topcommenter

"When a man encounters a woman whose psyche is dominated by the animus, he often has the belief, and he is not altogether mistaken, that only a beating, a rape, or a seduction can get anything through to her."  C. Jung


the link in the first sentence takes me to 

Gore Vidal tells on Clark Gable...Out in Hollywood by Greg Hernandez

He doesn't really look like you.

Your link has been hijacked by insidesocal.com


It's been fun watching all of Gore's pugnacious moments on live TV.

Taunting Norman Mailer on the Dick Cavett show is big fun.

Having Wm.F.Buckley threaten to punch him was hilarious.

He called them both crypto-Nazis! 

The American Masters doc "The Education of Gore Vidal" from 2003

starts streaming today on the PBS website.


Raquel Welch with a strap-on dildo, Mae West looking like a mummified Madame Toussaud wax figurine, Rex Reed looking like, well, Rex Reed -- what's not to like about the movie?  Actually, loved the book, hated the movie -- Gore (may he forever RIP) was right.


I bought the book (stealthily), Myra B, when I was a teen...when I finally saw the movie, I thought, what was all the bother?  It's terrible...the movie, not the book...the book and I had a few "consciousness-raising" sessions.


So Clark wasn't gay, just gay-for-pay??


Great story!!! Gore really told it as it was.