Porn Stars Available For "Meetings"! NSFW!

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Zeb Atlas and Brent Corrigan. Photo: Chris Green
If the event I'm about to describe had been held in New York...I still wouldn't have been there.

But it was in L.A. and I got a press release summing it up in florid porny detail, so I feel like I went, and I'm ready to pass it all on to you as if serving a pearl necklace:

"The other night at Scotty B's 'Cocktails with the Stars,' at Micky's, Brent Corrigan and Rocky Houston had a surprise guest, Zeb Atlas.

"Rocky told everyone that he was 'back in the biz,' and has signed with the Premiere Artists for film & internet work and live appearances.

"He is also available for 'private meetings' via Meet The Stars.

"Brent Corrigan whispered to Scotty B that he, too, is available for special private meetings.

"Zeb Atlas talked about signing a three-picture deal with Raging Stallion Studios and the first scene he did with RS exclusive, Jimmy Fanz, for The Woods.

"Rocky gave out copies of his Jet Set movie Hung Country for Young Men and Brent gave out his Falcon movie Velvet Mafia and his Jet Set film Finding Levi's Johnson.

Micky's upstairs lounge was packed!"

With fudge, no doubt!

So any takers on those offers of "private meetings"?

Think of all the heady things you can talk about--like "Did you find Levi's johnson, pray tell?" and "What was it like going into The Woods?"

Come to think of it, if this extraordinary shebang-bang had been in New York, I would have been there.

Brent Corrigan and Rocky Houston. Photo: Chris Green

Rocky and Zeb. Photo: Chris Green

Zeb Atlas. Photo: Chris Green

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what I don't understand are the guys who like follow all these guys' careers and know all their's sort of pathetic but whatever gets them through the night


I think porn stars have pretty much always been available for gigoloization. That's where they make most of their money.


These guys alll have tiny pee-pees (by industry standards), just saying.


Zeb recorded a version of Diana's Love Hangover. Much hotter when he doesn't shave.

bethesda topcommenter

Sp I guess Zeb Atlas is the only one not taking "private meetings." Does he have a bug up his ass? (Don't answer that.)

jackson30 topcommenter 1 Like

Why is it that I don't find these people the least bit attractive?



 because you're the only sane person who have the sense to realize that :

1. these people are only for our fantasies.

2. they cannot give you true and long lasting committed love and relationship

3. their porn work has probably destroyed their sense of value for sexual intimacy that comes from having a married monogamous committed gay relationship.

This is why I feel somewhat sad for their need to be beautiful because it makes them feel good about the idea of being lusted and "desired" by other gay men yet they are unable to find true meaning of  love and the beautyy of genuine sexual intimacy.

Good for you jackson30. You will find a true genuine faithful good guy that's a keeper